Every pet parent's nightmare is to receive a serious diagnosis, such as cancer, for their pet. At Longevity Veterinary Center our goal is to partner with pet parents to bring them long and healthy lives. We always emphasize a healthy lifestyle and prevention, as well as early detection, but also offer a wide range of integrative therapies that can be very useful if your pet is dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  

For example, Acupuncture is a powerful way to boost the immune system and reduce pain. Ozone Therapy stimulates white blood cells and has been shown to prevent metastasis. According to the IVC Journal: "Research has also shown that while in an oxygen-rich environment, healthy cells produce an enzymatic protective layer around themselves that repels viruses, bacteria, and fungi,2 all potential precursors to the development of cancer. Ozone targets cancer cells that do not have this protective cell membrane layer, contributing to apoptosis of the unhealthy cells. Ozone therefore contributes to the formation of healthy cells as well as the destruction of unhealthy ones."  

Another powerful immune boosting treatment for pets is IV Vitamin Therapy. IV Vitamin C Therapy can provide powerful antioxidants that can act on cancer cells. High doses of Vitamin C, administered intravenously, have been shown to reduce tumor weight and growth rate.  Another cutting-edge holistic therapy that we offer is Microbiome Restorative Therapy (MBRT). Your pet's microbiome (intestinal health) plays an essential role in their immune system functionality and ability to fight disease. While oral pre- and probiotics are wonderful additions to your pet's diet, an unhealthy pet will only absorb small amounts of positive microbes this way. MBRT provides a vital dose of beneficial microorganisms to improve immune function and enable a more positive response to cancer therapies.  Herbal Supplements and Homeopathy can also boost your pet's overall immune response and address specific conditions or symptoms that arise throughout the cancer treatment period. All these therapies are offered by our trained veterinarians at Longevity. 

Importantly, we also advocate for the early detection of health abnormalities in the body through unique screenings for your pet. For early detection, we are proud to offer our canine patients the OncoK9 Liquid Biopsy Test for Dogs, the world's first cell-free DNA-based noninvasive test for early canine cancer detection. This unique test can detect 30 different types of cancer. In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering this test all month long in November for just $250 dollars (more than 50% off regular pricing). Call today to schedule your dog's testing at (973) 256-3899.