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Looking for veterinary services in Little Falls, New Jersey?

Holistic Pet Care offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

Wellness & Vaccination Programs

Learn more about wellness & vaccination programs for puppies, kittens, adult pets, and senior pets. 

Nutritional Counseling

Our pets' daily diet is incredibly important to their long-term wellness. At Holistic Pet Care, our animal nutrition advice in Little Falls strives to empower pet lovers to provide their animals with a high-quality diet over the course of each stage of life. Proper diet can help improve many health concerns including; food intolerances, pet food allergies, significant weight gain or weight management, nutritional insufficiencies, animal diabetes, skin and coat problems, renal system disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and poor immune response. Nutritional needs for pups and cats vary due to many aspects like life stage, size, breed, exercise levels, physical health, and more, thus, a one-size-fits-all solution to nutrition will not do the job. We can counsel you on which types of foods will be appropriate based on your animal's demands, quantity to feed, and what to look out for on animal food labels. Call us to set up a nutrition evaluation for your pet.

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