HPC has recently adopted a dog named Cilantro who will be our newest donor for all microbiome restorative therapy (MBRT) treatments. Dr. B is very excited to have Cilantro and even more excited to educate clients on MBRT treatments and show the benefits provided for your pet(s).


What is MBRT?

               MicroBiome Restorative Therapy, is the process of transplanting gut microorganisms from a healthy donor into a sick patient to rebalance their gastrointestinal health. This therapy can be performed in 2 methods:

  1. Fecal transplant: a transplant via rectal enema with fresh or frozen fecal material from a healthy donor and saline is directly inserted into the patient.
  2. Orally: a small capsule is given to the patient, containing the healthy donor microbiome which works through the digestive system.


What are signs of an unhealthy gut?

               You pet may benefit from an MBRT treatment if they are experiencing any of the following:

                              - upset stomach                     - diarrhea               - vomiting              - lethargy

                              - skin issues                          - weight gain/loss   - behavior issues    - eating grass


What are the benefits of an MBRT treatment?

               The microorganisms in the body are essential for any pet to live an optimal life. These microorganisms help break down food into the essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function. If this delicate balance is disturbed, it could pose risks throughout the whole body.

               Several benefits of the MBRT treatment are:

                              - improvement of the skin and coat                      - less toxins being absorbed into the body

                              - stronger antibodies to combat diseases               - better absorption of vitamins and minerals from food

                              - supports liver, kidney, and digestive functions   - manages allergic reactions


How are donors chosen?

               Cilantro is one of Dr. Margo Roman’s pets who has been given a specialized diet for his entire life, allowing his gut microbiomes to have the ideal qualities for a donor. For more on Dr. Roman’s specialized diet and high standards of care, visit her website at https://microbiomerestorativetherapy.com/learn-more  


What else can I do to improve my pet’s gut health?

  1. Raw food is an optimal diet which provides your pet with high quality vitamins and minerals to maintain effective gut health. For more benefits on raw food, visit Dr B’s website https://www.drbslongevity.com/
  2. Reducing stress allows the mind and body to work together and release tension; permitting the body to perform all health functions more effectively
  3. Routine veterinary visits ensures professionals can identify any imbalances and correct them before they become bigger issues.