12-28-20                                              January Pet Holidays   

               New year, new month, means new holidays to celebrate. There are dozens of holidays being created each year and we at Holistic Pet Care want to bring you a guide to some holidays you may not be aware of to spice up your month. Mark your calendars because these are some holidays you can celebrate with your pets in January.   

January 2: Mew Years for Cat’s Day 

               Cats are very special creatures; so special in fact, they get their own day to celebrate New Year’s. Party with your cats by spreading awareness of proper feline pet care, go to a shelter and adopt a cat who is longing for a new home, or just stay inside and cook up a special dinner for them and yourself.    

January 5: National Bird Day 

               Birds are some of the most majestic creatures on earth. They have brilliant colors, soar through the clouds and are symbols of good health, wisdom, horror and heart. Take a moment today to just sit back, look in the sky, spread some seeds to appreciate these beautiful animals and ask yourself; what is your favorite bird?   

January 14: Dress Up Your Pet Day 

               Humans dress up all the time for business or pleasure; why not share that fun with our pets? Sure, some may not love it at first, but dressing up our pets are for our amusement really. Who doesn’t love seeing a little dachshund dressed up like a hot dog or a cat in a business suit? So have some fun, dress up your pet and take photos to send to your friends and family.     

January 16: Dragon Appreciation Day 

               Dragons are the coolest animals ever. Look at every culture in history, and they have a story about a dragon. They may not exist in our lifetime anymore, but we should still appreciate these amazing creatures. Let us marvel at the ferocity of the European Dragons, the grace and serenity of the Western Dragons, the calm and comfort of a Bearded Dragon, the strength and venom of a Komodo Dragon or the swiftness of a Dragonfly. Celebrate all things dragon; what they mean to you and what they have inspired on Earth.   

January 20: National Penguin Day 

               You know what animals never get enough attention, penguins. They are one of the flightless birds that no one thinks about, because they live in super cold areas not many people want to go to. That’s not their fault, they just evolved that way; and they deserve respect for evolving to always look like they are wearing tuxedos. In all of the animal kingdom, what other animal is naturally born with an outfit that looks like they are a classy species? Yes, the coloring is for camouflage when they are swimming, but that just means they are well dressed for both fashion AND function. Good on you penguins!   

January 21: Squirrel Appreciation Day 

               Squirrels can get a bad reputation: they throw acorns at us from trees, sit on telephone polls while bopping their tail like they are plotting something, and steal food from our bird feeders. Regardless, they are one of Earth’s wonderful creatures because if they weren’t so forgetful, we probably wouldn’t have many of the trees we have today. So, thank you squirrels, you are pretty cute and we appreciate all that you contribute to the planet. Feel free to take those extra seeds and nuts, you earned it.       

January 22: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day 

               Does your cat look at you and ask you questions you just don’t have time to answer? Use today to sit down with your cat, and answer all his/her questions. No matter how strange or silly they maybe, take your time and talk with your cats. Answer them honestly, because we serve them.