Feb 05 2014

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Animal Dentistry: Keeping your pet healthy and kissable

Dental disease includes gingivitis, calculus/tartar, gum recession, root exposure and loose teeth.

The process starts out as plaque, the invisible or pale yellow gritty material that collects on the teeth. If it is not brushed away, it becomes mineralized and forms calculus/tartar. Calculus/tartar encourages and shelters bacteria which inflames the gums and can form small abscesses/pyorrhea.

The bacteria break down the gums and can weaken the jaw bone holding the teeth.  This provides a pathway into the bloodstream, causing serious health problems. For example, bacteria in the bloodstream can cause small abscesses to form on the heart valves, in the kidneys, and in the liver, causing disease of those organs.

Dental disease can ultimately be life-threatening and is totally preventable. Start your dog or cat or ferret off young with daily brushing, using enzyme toothpaste, such as CET®. If there is already some development of calculus, use a tooth gel that contains grapefruit seed extract such as Vetzlife®, that can dissolve away mild calculus plus remove bacteria, allowing the gums to heal.

If there is more than mild gingivitis and slight calculus on the teeth, it is necessary to have them cleaned and polished under anesthesia. Any procedure requiring anesthesia poses its risks and associated costs.

It’s in the best interest of your pet and your wallet to brush daily to avoid the need for dentistry. A little prevention goes a long way.

February Specials:

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**A free gift bag full of dental products will be given to the first 25 clients who bring their pet in for dentistry during the month of February. Call today to schedule an appointment. While supplies last.**

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