RAWgust, is a month-long celebration through spreading awareness of the merits of feeding our pets raw food. To start the month off, let's outline the benefits of feeding raw.      

Simplicity: Raw food is more digestible, containing more nutrition than cooked food or kibble. The moist contents allow for easier digestion for the body to process.    

Fresh Ingredients: No preservatives or chemicals mean you get all the vital and direct essential vitamins and minerals directly from the protein, fruits and vegetable source.     

Non-Sterilized: Sterilizing food, means to clean it of bacteria. Good bacteria helps break down the food in our bodies to be digested properly. Non-sterilized food contains more good bacteria than kibble or commercial foods.     

Teeth Care: Raw food contains a moisture content, allowing food to slide off the teeth easier. This leads to less plaque build-up, better breathe and lower risk of dental disease.     

Healthier Skin: Higher moisture content also supports the skin/coat, allowing for a cleaning, shinier and smoother feel; while also hydrating the joints and muscles.