2-1-21                                                  February Pet Holidays         

               It’s a new month everyone, that means time to get our calendars out and prepare for some new and exotic holidays to spice up our daily life. February has some important holidays, so be sure to follow us online to learn how to be proactive with your pet health.          

Pet Dental Month       

               All month long, we will be highlighting pet dental health. Pet dental care should be taken just as seriously as our own dental hygiene. Imagine the ramifications of not brushing our teeth for a few days to months on end. Would you want to your pet dealing with those same issues of cavities, loose teeth and bad breath? Our pets are our children; we need to be proactive in taking care of their health in all forms. Dental care is neglected by many owners and dental disease is very common in domesticated pets. Do some research and make sure your pet’s teeth are taken care of.          

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month       

               Being a holistic clinic, we want to ensure your pets are living their most optimal life. Did you know that spaying/neutering too early can cause long-term damage to a pet’s health? Are you aware that you have options on how to spay and neuter your pet? Follow us in our blog section to see the risks of spaying/neutering too early, the alternatives we offer and benefits these alternatives provide.          

Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month       

               Can we all agree rabbits are one of nature’s cutest animals? They are small, fluffy, they move by hopping and generally don’t require a lot of extra maintenance. February highlights adopting rabbits from shelters and rescue organizations because people are prone to returning rabbits for who knows why. It’s not fair to buy a pet, then dump it off somewhere. Instead of buying a new bunny, think of recusing a rabbit who had a home and was given up. Everyone abandoned animal deserves a home, older rabbits more so since they have to compete with their tiny counterparts.            

February 2: Groundhogs Day & Hedgehog Day       

               We all know about groundhog’s day, right? Okay good. Now, hedgehogs don’t get too much attention. They are tiny spiked balls of cuteness. Because their holiday falls on such a prominent day of another animal, they don’t get the same attention or love even though you can actually keep a hedgehog as a pet, unlike groundhogs. If you have a hedgehog, share your photos and spend the day together. If you don’t have a hedgehog, then spend a moment today to look a photo and add some cuteness in your day.          

February 3: National Golden Retriever Day & Doggy Date Day       

               Golden retrievers are one of the de-facto dog breeds that symbolize happiness. They come in various sizes, hair styles, easily trained, super friendly; a good “family friendly” dog breed. If you’re a golden retriever owner, spend some extra time together and appreciate the unique bond you share together. If you don’t, then imagine how interesting life would be if you had one.        

               Dogs are social creatures. They crave interaction and stimulation on a physical and mental level. If your dog is friendly with other dogs; schedule a doggy date with him/her. Let them have a chance to make new friends, meet old friends or maybe even have a puppy romance.          

February 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day       

               Pet theft is a serious concern and should never be taken lightly. Most pet thefts are done by disgruntled partners, family members or allies of those you may know; it is imperative to make sure you know where your pet is at all times. Consider having your pet(s) microchipped or installing security cameras at home so you know that when are not around, they are safe.          

February 19: Boston Terrier Day       

               Boston Terriers a.k.a the “American Gentleman” is the first official dog breed specifically made in the USA. They got their nicknames due to their tuxedo like appearance which always make them so well-dressed for their day. Spend your day looking at or just marveling at the exotic history of these dogs. For instance, did you know the Boston Terrier is Massachusetts state dog since 1979?         

February 20: Love Your Pet Day       

               Honestly, you are most likely doing this every day; but make sure you are giving extra love today. If you say you love your pet every day; say it twice as much today! Make sure they know without a doubt you love them with all your heart.         

February 22: National Walk Your Dog Day       

               This is a great bonding day for you and your dog(s). Make sure you go for an extra long walk today to get the plenty of exercise. Be cautious of the weather obviously, if things are too cold then dress appropriately and stay warm.          

February 27: Polar Bear Day       

               Polar bears are so cool! (Pun not intended) Did you know their skin is actually black and their hair is colorless? Apparently, the light reflects off their hair which makes it appear white. They are the largest land-based carnivore on the planet and they clean themselves by rolling in the snow.  There’s so much to learn about these giant creatures and it’s unfortunate they are vulnerable to extinction due to their shrinking habitat. Let’s take today to learn about these hypercarnivores and be amazed by the beauty and majesty of such fluffy killing machines of the cold.