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    Wobbles the raccoon was abandoned by his mother at five weeks old and found staggering in woods.

    He was brought to Holistic Pet Care, where Dr. Buchoff took X-rays and found that Wobbles had a fractured back. Dr. B. adjusted his back with chiropractic treatments, giving his spine optimal positioning to facilitate healing.

    But chiropractic helps with more than just the alignment of bones: It boosts overall health. Wobbles had a problem with compulsive kneading, but with chiropractic care, he barely does it anymore. And regular chiropractic adjustments also help lessen the bladder infections he has been having.

    Wobbles is now two years old, and lives with Debbie, who is a license rehabilitator. He accompanies her into the public as an educational ambassador for his species.

    April, 2013

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    ‘Diamo, my 14 year old Blue Point Siamese cat was vomiting and constipated in January. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vomiting continued for weeks; in early February X-rays revealed cancer in his abdomen that had metastasized to his lungs. I was told he had 3-10 days to live. Chemotherapy and radiation was offered but after having gone through it myself, I didn’t want to put him through it. I had been diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. With 40 tumors and 26 broken bones, Diamo instinctively knew where my cancer was and would persistently snuggle up against them. My breast cancer traveled throughout my body to my bones, liver, lungs, and my brain. It was everywhere except my feet.

    “After years of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and visualization only one small tumor in a lymph node in my left breast remained. I felt that that I had used up my miracle, I didn’t think that my cat could beat cancer. After Diamo survived a week, family and friends urged me to do more, after all I had been 0% chance of survival. My friend Felisa recommended Holistic Pet Care. By the time we saw Dr. Elliot in late February, Diamo was not eating or drinking. He was frothing at the mouth, hiding at home and not moving. He had gone from 8 lbs. to 6 lbs. When we walked in to Holistic Pet Care Diamo came alive! He jumped on the counter, he liked the salt lamps – he liked the vibe here. The decision to come here gave him the will to fight. Dr. Elliot did a full work up, hydrated him with B12, did a VOM chiropractic adjustment and prescribed two homeopathic remedies.

    “Immediately there was a gradual willingness to eat. During my own illness I realized the importance of food, mental occupation and the love of family and friends. I thought that Diamo need the same thing – “Eat, Play, Love” was my plan for him. I put out an assortment of food – both cat, dog and baby food– just hoping to find something he would eat. I tried to play with him every day. Mostly, I loved him; I snuggled him for days, reassuring him that everything would be okay. It was winter, I got a heating pad, and I kept him warm. Dr. Elliot continued with the VOM chiropractic adjustments, fluids as needed and homeopathic remedies. We did some Reiki and acupuncture as well. Laxotone helped with his appetite. Over the next two months, he went from every day being a bad day, to a bad day every two weeks. When he showed interest in a toy, I knew he had turned the corner. He began gaining weight and taking interest in grooming.

    “X-rays taken on June 7th at Holistic Pet Care showed no tumors. Diamo had healed. I had healed. We are connected. Since the moment I saw him in the cattery with his goofy expression and his google-eyes, I felt a bond. Both Diamo and I had been given zero chance of survival. People always try to find meaning in our story. I think that the meaning of our story is not to give up because miracles DO happen. Even when the challenge in front of you appears to be the most impossible, the will to live can give you strength to achieve greatness, especially when you have a loving pet by your side. Holistic Pet Care andDr. Elliot supported us every step of the way. ”

    ~Darlene DiSabatino, August 2013

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    Jessica Cohen wrote about how her dog Brodyoda was treated for a rattlesnake bite holistically at Holistic Pet Care. You can read all about it in the Pocono Record.

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    “Lily is a beige Labrador Retriever Mix. We rescued Lily from a kill shelter in Tennessee. She was tired and weak with constant foul smelling diarrhea and vomiting. She was constantly scratching. Our previous veterinarian prescribed one medication after another; none them had any affect. I noticed the Holistic Pet Care sign while driving by and knew that I had to try that for Lily.

    “We brought Lily to see Dr. Buchoff when she was 5 years old. Dr. Buchoff examined Lily and ran blood tests. He recommended changing Lily to his raw diet – Dr. B’s Raw Pet Food and supplementing with digestive enzymes, healthy oils and thyroid medication. Within two weeks the vomiting stopped, her stools became normal. Her energy level was improved, she gained weight and gained her health back. Her incessant scratching is 90% better. Lily has been under Dr. Buchoff’s care for 2 years and I believe that he saved her life.

    “Dr. Buchoff takes the time to care and get into depth about your particular dog. He asked for your feedback and he follows up; he cares. What happens here is precious and miraculous. It makes me feel that whatever happens to my dog, Dr. Buchoff will here to care for her.”

    ~Ray Napolitano