Aug 22 2012

Welcome to Holistic Pet Care of New Jersey’s Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our blog!

Holistic Pet Care is eager to launch exciting news, stories, and information from experts in the holistic veterinary field. Our mission of this blog is to educate readers about what we do and why we do it while adding a personal touch to our professional services. Dr. Gerald Buchoff has had over 25 years experience and Dr. Jill Elliot has had over sixteen years of experience. Check out Dr. Elliot’s website to learn more about her!

Read about the miracles our clients have witnessed with their pets since starting holistic treatments.

Learn how to keep your pet healthy and avoid diseases.

Dr. B’s Natural Raw dog food is in several New Jersey stores and in our clinic! We sell it in convenient patties and tubes for the dogs. Cats love our new Dr. B’s raw turkey cat cups. Visit our clinic for samples. Contact Shell Huber with questions or orders.

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