Jun 24 2015

Raw/Cooked Cat Food Diet

It seems like today, there is a pretty big craze about raw and cooked ‘homemade’ cat (and dog) foods. The diet is safer for your pet, can help alleviate pains and bowel issues, and can be useful in keeping your cat happy, healthy, and well fed. However, before you decide to throw out your dry cat food and go ‘all natural,’ make sure you do your homework! Here are a few things to remember before you jump on the bandwagon that is homemade cat food:

1. Most dry cat food is contaminated with feces, bacterium, fungal mycotoxins, and are dangerously low in water (which can affect your poor feline’s urinary tract). 2. While grains such as rice and corn are generally very bad for your pet, keeping a small amount for energy and substance can help keep the food you make balanced. 3. If you are not able to uphold a balance of raw and cooked food for your pet, try a canned food diet. This is better than dry food, and though not as good for your cat as a homemade diet, can help keep your pet’s health up. 4. You can have a balanced diet of raw and cooked foods for your pet. Remember, your goal is to create a diet for your pet that closely resembles what they might eat in the wild – but at the same time, to have enough control over what you are feeding them to cut out any possibility of contamination. 5. Things that a cat needs especially for their diet are proteins, amino acids (like taurine), fatty acids, vitamins, and water. Check out this page for more information on what you can do to make a raw/cooked diet for your pet, and check in next week for more tips on helping create a balanced food diet for your pet. We also offer a raw food diet for pets, so if you have any questions, please call and ask! Check out our Facebook Page for updates and information!

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