Apr 11 2016

Dr.B Gives Expert Advice on Raw Pet Food at Whiskers Holistic Pet Shop, NY

We’re proud to have an expert animal dietician like Dr.Buchoff leading our team! On April 2nd he spoke at an event at Whiskers Holistic Pet Shop to help inform pet owners about the benefits of a holistic, raw-food diet for pets, and highlighted some of his tips and tricks for helping to maintain our furry friend’s health and longevity and the common issues faced by pets on a highly-processed diet. If you missed out on this event, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr.B and he’ll help guide you through an individualized routine for food and exercise that can prevent some of the common ailments faced by pets on a dry-food kibble diet. Check out some of these pictures from the event, and come check out some of the holistic products we have in-store!

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