Jun 24 2015

Alternative Medical Care

For many pet owners, having a pet diagnosed with a debilitating disease would be a death sentence for the animal, but such heartbreaking action isn’t always necessary. Proper care and treatment utilizing the holistic approach has saved the lives of many animals who were seemingly on their death bed. Similar to alternative medical care for humans, like acupuncture, massage therapy, and natural herbs. Hearing about this for the first time may sound a little strange, but growing numbers of veterinarians are offering these treatments for pets. Let’s look into the options closely so you can get a better idea of what is available, and what types of treatments might work best for your furry companion.

Traditional Chinese Treatments:
Over the past 3500 years, traditional Chinese medicine has been developed to be used on animals. It follows the ancient treatment methods though it is a bit modified for animals. They use therapies like:

– Food treatment: This involves using the properties in different foods to fuel energies of the body. Different food combinations are believed to help in maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang.

– Acupuncture: It is believed that every living thing has a force called Qi and during treatment needles are placed in predetermined positions of the body of the animal to move the Qi and create wellness.

– Herbal therapy: Just like in humans, the animal clinic can prescribe the use of extracts from plants that are known to possess healing powers. Sometimes it is used along with acupuncture.

This is based on the theory that the body will heal itself if it is given the chance and a healthy environment. The veterinarian mixes a few diluted solutions which are intended to trigger the body’s natural healing power thus helping the animal cure on its own. Homeopathy holistic pet care Little Falls NJ is not quite like the regular homeopathy that uses placebo treatment.

Animal Chiropractic
Pet owners can find holistic pet care which employs the spinal manipulation and actual manual therapy. This is done after a thorough evaluation of the animal by the veterinarian to determine if this treatment is needed and will prove effective.

Massage is meant to encourage the body to heal by improving the blood flow through the body. Massage is an important part of Holistic Petcare Little Falls NJ. It will help in improving the immunity of the animal as well and lower blood pressure. Just like in Humans, massage relaxes the muscles and this is good for the animal. However it is important that the animal enjoys this treatment so if it is not enjoying it, the treatment must be stopped.

Research carried out at different animal clinics has shown that holistic pet care has proved effective in improving the health of animals and preventing as well as treating a number of ailments. It is, however, important to talk to your vet about the different options and then you can decide on an individualized treatment for your animal as not all animals will respond to the same treatment. The illness is treated as a whole as opposed to just identifying the symptoms and then treating those.

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